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Meet Patrick

Renowned expert in behavioural science and data psychology. Consultant, lecturer, and Sunday Times bestselling author. If there's behaviour to change, I can help.

Patrick is an applied behavioral scientist: he turns psychology into real-world solutions, science into money. So much so that comedian David Mitchell once likened him to a "mother superior in nipple tassels" (that's what's known as concreteness).


Feel free to call him Pat – research says it makes him more likeable.

Unlike typical academics, Patrick's business savvy drives him towards practical insights and commercial results. He's a non-conformist who spots trends others miss – like predicting Coke Life's failure years in advance. His expertise includes behavioral research, nudging, data psychology, and generative AI.

Formerly Cambridge Analytica's lead psychologist (not the political department!), Patrick now helps major brands change consumer behavior.  He's worked on high-level political campaigns across the globe and lectures at top universities like UCL. As well as published academic work and the marketing classic Hooked, Patrick's insights are featured in The Guardian, The Economist, and beyond. He's a renowned speaker, appearing at events like Nudgestock and Talks at Google.

Patrick Fagan

Behavioural Scientist and Data Psychologist

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I'll teach you the psychology behind why people act the way they do, and how to use that knowledge to make money. Let's make your message stick, your training unforgettable, and your campaign irresistible.


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