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Use behavioural science to turn minds into money.

Discover the hidden persuaders

Unleash the power of influence. Behavioural science bridges the gap between understanding minds and driving profits.


Unlock the secrets of the brain so you can really understand what makes your audience tick. Decipher the hidden motivations, desires, and subconscious triggers that drive their decisions.


Gain real-world behavioural results, like increased sales, conversions, or customer satisfaction. Transform insights into tangible benefits, fostering brand loyalty and driving


Grad Cap

Harness the power of peer-reviewed literature and proper scientific techniques, from psychometrics to biometrics. I can help you leverage a scientific arsenal to understand your customers.

Nudge Optimisation

You have a behaviour to change. Conversion, retention, recommendation - whatever it is, behavioural science can help. Your audience is not rational. But if you use their emotions and biases to design content - websites, apps, adverts - you can influence them on a primal level.


I immerse myself in the challenge, auditing data and papers, and sometimes conducting primary research.


I produce 10-20 simple and actionable behavioural interventions for you to implement.


We test them scientifically in the wild to see what works and what needs refining.

Using a simple social proof nudge ("Join 1000s of users"), I increased a recruitment app's conversion rate by 271%.

My training

Behavioural Research

To get inside your audience's heads and understand what really makes them tick, it's not enough just to ask them outright, using outdated market research methods. People don't have a good insight into their own subconscious.


Whatever your challenge is - from brand propositions to ad testing to PR projects - I have a toolbox of cutting-edge psychological techniques to cut to the truth of people's behaviour.


Projective questioning with a psychodynamic interpretation.

e.g., helping a B2B tech find the right emotional proposition.


Established and robust psychological instruments.

e.g., finding a smoothie brand's most valuable target audience.


Reaction time measures for subconscious processes.

e.g., picking the most acceptable telecoms price rise statement


Split-test scientific experiments to tease out effects.

e.g., showing the value of hotel meeting rooms vs video conf.


Facial coding and eye-tracking to capture emotions.

e.g., optimising an FMCG brand's TV advert for a gamer audience.

By psychometrically profiling an insurer's customer base, and designing targeted ads,I reduced their CPA by £23.07.






Patrick Fagan
Patrick Fagan

Data Psychology

Data without psychology is like coffee beans without a grinder. Without behavioural insight, you are missing the 'why' and more importantly the 'so what'. The smartest data scientists in the world can't tell you that - you need a psychologist. I put the human back into the data.


I analyse your anonymised data, looking for patterns of factors and user clusters.


I apply my psychological expertise, interpreting the patterns in terms of personality traits.


We build and test a predictive model allowing you to personality profile your entire database.

Based on app usage data, I built a personality model for a telecoms company to profile its 272 million customers.

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Driving Results for Behaviorally-Driven Brands

Patrick Fagan