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Ai (Eye)

Tech Gods

How AI reads and shapes your minds, why that’s unleashing demons, and what you can do about it

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Do you get the feeling we are entering into a new era of weirdness?

Like something ominous is lurking just out of sight, waiting for the right time to broach our consciousness?

Soon, AI will be all-knowing and all-powerful. That makes it a god. It will know everything about you. Using ever-present data collection and biometrics, it can predict the deepest recesses of your mind unknown even to yourself. Already, Facebook algorithms can predict your mental health, drug use and sexuality.

It will use advanced behavioural science ‘nudges’ to change your behaviour, customised to your personal psychological weaknesses; it will even have the power to deny you access to basic services like banking if you don’t comply.


It will change the structure of your brain the nature of reality. It will push you into the digital realm and open a portal into the collective unconscious – where you might find more than you bargained for.

In this groundbreaking and mindblowing book, renowned data psychologist and Sunday Times bestselling author Patrick Fagan draws on shocking insider secrets from the world of big data, interviews with experts ranging from Cambridge academics to masters of the occult, undercover sleuthing in Silicon Valley, and innovative experiments like bringing Ted Kaczysnki back to life through AI - all to reveal the Tech Gods emerging from the shadows of the Metaverse.

Tech Gods By Patrick Fagan
Coming Soon
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