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Voting is not rational.

Why Behavioural Science Matters in Politics

It's called the 'paradox of voting'. All of that time and effort people put into their political views, and yet their vote makes statistically zero difference to the outcome.

The explanation is psychological (we need to feel we have some sort of control, and we like to feel part of a group). That's why major international political campaigns employ me - it's all psychology.

Patrick Fagan
Voting Box
Patrick Fagan

Voters are even put off by rain 🌧

Patrick Fagan
People are more likely to vote for you if they've agreed to a much smaller request first, like a petition.
Voters respond to simpler and more visual language - like "Build the Wall" versus an immigration policy.
It's more effective to focus on losses than gains (e.g., eliminating discrimation, rather than winning rights).

Did you know..

So why work with me?

I was Head of Research for a North American presidential campaign, profiling voters and tracking issues weekly.
I created the brand and messaging guidance for a British lobbying group, making sure it reached politicians emotionally.
I behaviourally optimised the flyers and speeches for a British political party, to make them memorable and persuasive.

Nudge voters with the power of psychology 👇

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