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Free Your Mind 

The must-read expert guide on how to identify techniques to influence you and how to resist them

The Floating Fish

You may not notice it, but you are surrounded by manipulators.

Advertisers, politicians, big tech – everyone is trying to get inside your head and claim it. Even the humble waiter who asks, ‘Still or sparkling?' - manipulation is everywhere. This Sunday Times bestseller reveals the surprising secrets.


Learn how to spot it, and learn how to stop it.

  • Patrick Fagan

    The Blip

    Why should you

    never watch TV in bed?

    Patrick Fagan

    Get It In Writing

    Why should you read the papers over TikToks?

    Patrick Fagan

    Secret Symbols

    What can goslings tell us about pop music videos?

  • Free Your Mind is your field manual to surviving the information battlefield.


    In this indispensable book, Laura Dodsworth and Patrick Fagan draw on interviews with mind-control experts ranging from monks to magicians, infiltrate cults and forums to uncover their most deceptive techniques and expose the hidden tactics used to influence you, from social media to subliminal messages.

    Learn how to recognise the nudges, dispel efforts to brainwash you and always question those who say the choice is yours. If you don’t control your mind, someone else will.

  • An important new book! Laura Dodsworth and Patrick Fagan have some great ideas for how to recognise Nudge Unit tactics and how to fight back.


    Snappily written made me more aware of the nudges and persuasions that were part of my everyday life.

    Mail on Sunday

Free Your Mind By Patrick Fagan
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