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I've distilled fifteen years' behavioural science experience into these exclusive handbooks - at no cost to you. If you like it, why not sign up to the newsletter?

Personalised Persuasion

Nudges are not one-size-fits-all.


If you want to make effective ads, brands, or websites, you first have to understand the psychology of your audience.

But then what? So your audience is extraverted - so what? What does that mean for your imagery, nudges, wording?

This handbook tells you exactly that.

Personalised Persuasion

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Habit Model

Brainwashing is real.

It happens every day, when long-standing beliefs and habits are changed - like switching laundry brand.


From two years of book research, I have devised nine steps to changing stubborn habits - and how to defend yourself, too.

Find out the nine steps in this handbook.

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